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Boatfax Coupon Code & Promo Code

Boatfax Coupon Code

Get latest and updated Boatfax Coupon Code, Promo code, deals, offers and discount codes across services like Value the boat, Check a boat, Buy a boat, Sell a boat and More!!

About Boatfax:

Having a boat of your own can really bring your dream of living on the waters to life. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the pleasant blue sky and the waves that sway them to the sides? If you are among those who is looking for the best buy for a boat, then you have to definitely check out the offers at Boatfax. It is not just a place for getting the best deal on boats but it also serves as the place where you can sell your own when required. The website acts as a platform for both buyers and sellers of boat from across the world.

What you can do at Boatfax?

Boatfax offers you a holistic platform for buying and selling boats across the world. Their services are into four main categories.

  • Value the boat: Every boat needs to be valued based on its current condition, its history and also its features. This has to be done for every boat on sale by an independent surveyor. The Boatfax offers you a free valuation of the boat, irrespective of where the vessel is. You can get the vessel evaluated instantly irrespective of which part of the world it is currently sailing in. The data offered is real time and is absolutely free of cost.
  • Check a boat: If you have a vessel that you want to buy and you are looking to get the history of that particular boat, you can do this with ease using the “Check a boat” option at Boatfax. The validation is completely automated and is absolutely free of cost too. All that you need to get the boat validated is the serial number or HIN (Hull Identification Number) or CIN (Craft Identification Number). You can not only check boat but also check equipments like boat trailers, navigation equipment, etc.
  • Buy a boat: This is where you would find the listings of all the boats that are on sale with information on their history, their equipment, etc. from various dealers across the world. There are more than 14000 ads to choose from and it covers almost every country across the world. This is again a free service offered by Boatfax. You can easily find any boat from anywhere in the world using this option. You can search based on multiple criteria like maker, brand, model, price, size, manufacturing year, etc.
  • Sell a boat: If you are a boat owner and you want to sell a boat or you are a dealer who is dealing in selling boats, then this is your option where you can list as many boats as you want for buyers worldwide. There is a free listing (Economy) which has certain criteria like 4 photos, 50 word description, 60 days of live, etc. As you upgrade for other packs like standard for $10, premium for $15, “The works” for $20, you will be provided with different features and charged accordingly.

There are also other tabs like info where you can get answers to your queries and broker/dealer tab for them.

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Why should you choose Boatfax?

Boatfax is a one stop platform for all things related to boats, whether you want to buy or sell or you want to deal with the equipments on your boat. It is a platform that serves buyers, sellers, brokers and dealers alike.

  • As a buyer, Boatfax offers you the chance to choose the kind of boat you want to buy, the brand you like, the make or model of the boat, the year of manufacturing, size and price as filter.
  • You can even check the value of a boat for no cost and know where you stand in terms of selling the boat. They help evaluating the value irrespective of where the boat is based on the HIN, make and model, location, etc.
  • You can also have the equipments valuated before you buy them ensuring that you get a favorable deal.
  • When selling the boat, you can choose to list your boat for nearly 60 days with no fee and have it sold off without paying anything from your end.
  • Brokers and dealers can register here for free and enjoy a trial period for 60 days, along with information on the boat and have your boat viewed by buyers across the world.

How is Boatfax unique?

The distinct feature of Boatfax lies in the fact that it is not just a portal to buy or sell boats. It acts as a medium for both the buyers and sellers to connect, share information about the vessel and compare with other available options before making the selection. Even for the sellers, there is the choice to choose among the multiple buyers and make a choice that is of more advantageous to them. It is also a platform for dealers and is also available as an app for those who want to deal on the go. With boat history also available you can make an informed decision.

How to use the Boatfax discount code:

The haven for boat buyers and sellers, the Boatfax offers unbelievable deals to those who are looking to buy or sell their boats. Apart from the promotional deals, you can also make use of the coupon codes to derive more value from your money. Once you have the boat that you want to buy the first step is to submit an enquiry on the listing post which the dealer or the seller will get in touch with you. Once the deal is finalized, you can use the coupon code to get a further discount at the checkout point.  Input the code during payment and enjoy the discounted deal.

How to find the Boatfax coupon code:

Now that you have found the boat that has been your dream, you would definitely want to buy it and yet the price might just scare you. But you can still make it a good deal with the use of coupons for Boatfax. If you want the coupon codes or promotional offers on Boatfax, all that you need to do is to search for the same online. And this is a simple search that doesn’t require you to have any additional knowledge. You can use the multiple codes available online for various promotions and choose the one that is more profitable to you.

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